Evaluation of Innovation Excellence Indicators of Public funded R&D Organisations – Round 2.0

Upon the directive of the Prime Minister's office in July 2019, the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India (o/PSA) embarked on an unprecedented initiative. This groundbreaking exercise aimed to systematically capture and assess the innovation indicators of publicly funded Research and Development (R&D) organisations. The exhaustive exercise concluded in March 2022, resulting in the comprehensive two-part report titled "Evaluation of Innovation Excellence Indicators of Public Funded R&D Organisations." These reports were diligently presented to the Prime Minister's office (PMO) in February 2022 and underwent thorough consideration. Subsequently, the PMO instructed the o/o PSA to convene a meeting with stakeholder ministries and departments, with the twin objectives of sensitizing them to the study's findings and encouraging more active participation in the second round.

With this background, Round 2 has been initiated. The purpose of this is to capture in more granularity the innovation indicators and the research being undertaken by various public funded r and organisations to help gauge the performance of these labs with respect to their socio economic contributions STI excellence and organisational capabilities and practices and also to cover a large number of public funded R&D labs.

The study will provide an opportunity for these labs to identify new areas of untapped potential and discover interventions to improve their performance in their respective areas. The final report will aim to provide actionable policy recommendations for consideration to improve the outputs and outcomes of these R &D organisations.

The need for a deeper understanding of the innovation indicators and ongoing research within various public-funded R&D entities was recognized, leading to the initiation of the second phase of the study. This expanded scope aims to gauge the performance of these labs in terms of socio-economic contributions, Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) excellence, as well as organisational capabilities and practices. The study provides an avenue for these labs to identify untapped potential areas and implement interventions to enhance their performance within their respective domains. The study will also address some new Indicators such as:

  1. Waste Management and Sustainable Practices
  2. AI and Emerging Technologies
  3. Startup and Incubation
  4. Green and Sustainable technologies
  5. Geo-Indicators
  6. Expenditure on R&D
  7. Expenditure on sustainability
  8. Patents